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Program Overview:
The legislature enacted the Overdose Prevention Act (P.L. 2021 c.152) with the specific purpose of ensuring that access to opioid antidotes be made as easily accessible and as widely available as possible, such that they are readily available at all times to provide treatment to people experiencing a suspected opioid overdose. Shortly thereafter, in compliance with the enabling legislation, the Deputy Commissioner for Public Health Services issued a standing Order to distribute and administer opioid antidotes for Overdose Prevention (Control No. 2021-02). See link below.

The Department of Human Services, in partnership with the Department of Health (DOH) and the State Attorney General's Office, has established the Naloxone Distribution Program (State Program) to operationalize the legislation. The purpose of the State Program is to provide Eligible Agency Participants operating in the State of New Jersey a means to: 1. furnish, distribute and administer naloxone in accordance with the law; 2. access the requisite dissemination information; and 3. make “leave behind” naloxone available for distribution to individuals post-overdose. Eligible Agency Participants must comply with all of the provisions of the Overdose Prevention Act, including but not limited to the statutory requirements regarding distribution and administration of an opioid antidote, training, the dissemination of certain information and necessary documentation. Eligible Agency Participants should review the legislation carefully to ensure conformity with the law. This communication focuses on two types of Eligible Agency Participants: Emergency Medical Response Entities (First Responder Agencies)[1] and Recipient Agencies (Non-First Responder Agencies)[2] (collectively Eligible Agency Participants). Eligible Agency Participants must satisfy the Eligibility Criteria and complete the registration process in order to participate in the State Program.[3]


Online opioid-associated overdose training resources can be found at the Harm Reduction Coalition’s overdose response website National Harm Reduction Coalition Send all questions to Naloxone@dhs.nj.gov

If your agency is interested in joining the program, please click on the registration link Registration. Once registration is completed, registered agencies will be able to log-in and submit requests naloxone as needed.